BioFreeze™ – the new ‘Gold standard’ for intestinal sample collection

When studying intestinal processes and microbe-mediated gut health, the first step is collection of digesta and/or feces specimens. Standardised sample collection and easy-to-use materials are critical when streamlining the sampling process, to generate reliable scientific data. Immediate freezing of samples is regarded as the gold standard of intestinal sample storage, although freezing and thawing may lead to bacterial lysis and some loss of DNA.

Sample collection drawbacks

When intestinal samples are collected, molecular, immunological or chemical analyses are seldom or never performed immediately at the trial site. Thus, collection of biological samples and secure transportation can be an obstacle to the ultimate success of trials. Over the years, Alimetrics has been working with clients world-wide who conduct animal trials. Based on their feedback, we know that scientists find it tedious to determine an appropriate sampling method, an appropriate container to use, and the best transportation service. One may also need some additional materials, like vessels and spoons, for representative and standardised sampling at the site. Alimetrics has devised a solution, BioFreeze™, that takes into account all these factors and preserves valuable samples after collection and during transportation.


The ideal solution is an agent that protects the sample at ambient temperature and prevents bacterial lysis and endonuclease activity. The agent should also preserve immunological and chemical analytes, in order for researchers to benefit maximally from the trial. This would enable cost-efficient sample storage and shipment at ambient temperature, without compromising the quality of samples prior to analysis. Once samples are collected and preserved in BioFreeze™ solution, the sample can be used for multiple different analyses which offers added value. For example, start by analysis of microbial activity analysis panel QuantiBiom™ and move to a more comprehensive omics-approach using EpiHealth™ analysis panel.

Stability of caecal digesta samples in BioFreeze™. Stability experiment was conducted to test the impact of storage time and temperature on sample preservation. -20C is without BioFreeze™ addition. 4C, 20C, and 35C are samples that were stored in BioFreeze™. Samples were analysed by real-time PCR.

The BioFreeze™ solution was developed based on demand from users for a standardised sampling procedure during clinical trials and a reliable transportation network. We claim that BioFreeze™ is the new Gold standard for intestinal sample collection! Learn more about BioFreeze™ here.

BioFreeze™ – the solution for intestinal samples