Zoom-in approach reveals connections between gut microbiota and animal performance

On Wednesday, August 19th at 15:00 (CET) Alimetrics organises a 45 min webinar in which Ph.D. Teemu Rinttilä presents how a combination of DNA-based methods reveals links between intestinal microbiota and animal performance.

Intestinal microbiota can be considered a fundamental part of the animal body. To reflect its importance, the host tissues and the microbiome have been collectively referred to as the superorganism. To overcome the limitations for studying complex anaerobic microbiomes, various techniques based on analysis of microbial community DNA have been developed over the years.

Percent guanine + cytosine (G+C) profiling is a method for the initial investigation of bacterial populations of previously unknown structure. This methodology combined with sequencing and qPCR techniques has been shown to be a powerful tool for studying whether different factors, such as environmental conditions, diseases, intestinal disorders, and dietary treatments affect the microbiota composition.

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